Management and Consulting

Construction management, as per many experts, analysts and surveyors, the bigger a project is the more likely it is that it will get delayed owing to the difficulty in tying up the multiple little sub processes of the project. The primary purpose of construction management is to streamline all the sub processes. Not only does a construction management consultant streamline the individual little sub processes, but he also ties them together in a well-oiled way.

Coordination between all the sub processes of any project is important so that work on the whole project does not get held up due to a delay in any one process. For example, there are numerous situations where a whole section of a project gets stuck because some original equipment manufacturer failed to deliver some vital equipment. A construction management consultant would ensure that the procurement process for the equipment is smooth and that the delivery takes place on time by giving it enough margin time.

A construction management consultant would enter the picture at a very early stage in the development of the project. The consultant would be an inherent part of the project development, from the designing and feasibility stage to the actual commissioning and trials of the completed project. Specifically, the responsibilities of a construction management company varies however some elements of involvement would include the following.

Our Services Include

  • Project management
  • Budget and cost planning
  • Estimating and evaluations
  • Design and constructability reviews
  • Scheduling
  • Bid solicitation and packaging
  • Bid review and recommendation
  • Contract review and negotiations
  • Contract preparation
  • Inspection and quality assurance

Project Studies and Evaluation

This is the first stage in the development of any construction project. It involves the evaluation of the physical and financial feasibility of the project through the formulation of a DFR also known as the Detailed Feasibility Report.

Process Engineering

This is one of the most important components of any successful project. It involves creation of new or renovation of existing chemical or physical processes of any project in any industry.

Engineering Design

This aspect of any new or existing project is important in order to optimize all the resources available.

Project Management

Project management is the handling of all details or particular sub sections of the project. It can involve anything from planning to implementation to commissioning.

Design and Construction

As technology progresses, so do the designs and projects. The designing of any new project needs to reflect the new technologies. Furthermore, as and when existing designs become obsolete, they need to be renewed for better efficiency.

Operational Support

It is also a construction management consultant’s responsibility to provide operational support for around six months to one year after the project has been commissioned in order to properly hand over the operations of the project.