We offer many services to assist with proper facility management that are related to buildings and sites, including the systems that make your facility operate properly and efficiently. With a wide range of capabilities including construction, electrical maintenance, equipment moving, facility repairs and other specific facility operation services.

As a facilities contractor, we will control costs and provide multiple trade capabilities. Our personnel will be trained in your specific plant safety rules and guidelines to provide a safe construction area and comply with your manufacturing safety goals. We also understand the importance of limiting production downtime and minimizing manufacturing disturbances to operating production areas and will respond quickly to make sure your plant stays up and running.


At L.E. Baca Constructions Facility Service Division we offer several types of delivery methods. We will strive to be your one source for construction, maintenance, repair, move or change as well as several other facility services.


Facility care and maintenance is one of our specialties. This is where a facility manager, contracts with us on an on-going basis to care for a specific scope of the building. We currently offer several pre-negotiated service delivery methods that will benefit our clients.


This process is suited for situations requiring quick turn-around, emergency resolution, or projects affecting operational capabilities. The agreement establishes billing rates for supervisory and crafts personnel, materials and equipment, subcontractor costs etc. Our client’s needs will be immediately responded to with an integrated solution. At L.E. Baca Construction we self-perform work per our expertise and subcontract certified technicians as required.


By arrangement we will provide skilled labor to work side-by side with our client’s workforce or to supplement a smaller facility crew. This arrangement is often used where the scope of work is undefined, such as ongoing maintenance and repairs and seasonal services. Costs are billed on an hourly basis, as per negotiated rates, and materials.


A Design Build project is ideal for projects where time and cost control is the priority. This method allows for a single team source of design and construction, which improves flexibility for continuing design and making modifications during construction with as little impact as possible on the schedule.


Negotiating a project involves including L.E. Baca Construction early on in the design process, where there is the greatest opportunity for us to add value to the project. An agreement is signed and usually includes preliminary pricing, construction and schedule analysis etc. This method allows for a very open dialogue on all costs throughout the project.


  • Plant maintenance and upgrades
  • Plant renovations and repairs
  • Industrial construction
  • Equipment relocation and installation
  • Electrical installations and maintenance
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Wall penetrations and new door installations
  • Stainless steel door frame replacements
  • Safety bollards and guardrails