When you are looking to build a new luxury home for your family, you might as well make sure it has everything you could possibly want. After all, you want your home to almost feel like the best vacation spot the world. You want something that looks good and makes you feel great.

That said, there are a number of luxury home features that you can consider talking to your home builders about. Here are some that are most in demand today:

Ask Your Home Builders About Incorporating These Great Luxury Features

Spa Bathroom

Unlike your typical bathroom, a spa bathroom is designed to provide you with a fully pampered experience anytime of day. For starters, it typically has a walk-in shower that’s equipped with rain showerheads and body jets. At the same time, these also come with a programmable thermostat so that the water temperature would automatically adjust in order to give you the perfect shower experience. A spa bathroom is also not complete without a massive free-standing soaking tub that’s ready for you whenever you need some me time.

In addition, the spa bathroom can also come with its own steam room so that you can soak up some heat without having to go to the sauna. Meanwhile, it can also feature heated floors and towel racks so that you are comfortable as possible. In order to make the bathroom even more relaxing, you can also include some mood lighting and music.

Eat-In Kitchen

An eat-in kitchen is actually one feature that is being asked about by as many 80 percent of homebuyers today. It is essentially a cozy space between the kitchen and the dining room. Here, your family can gather and have a little chat while your meal is being prepared. Meanwhile, it also makes for a great place to entertain guests if you are having casual party at home. You can serve champagne and appetizers here before continuing the party in the dining room.

Walk-In Closets

Who doesn’t want more than enough space for their stuff? Getting a walk-in closet is your chance to do just that. You can have it designed to have more than enough shelves for your clothes and shoes. Meanwhile, if you still want to have built-in closets inside, using mirrored doors can help make things a lot easier to find.


Although not exactly essential, an elevator may be a good idea to have especially when you have someone in the family who has some difficulty moving around. You can choose to have a small elevator that can only handle a two to three people or you can opt to get a bigger one so that your entire family can always ride up and down together.

Consider incorporating these features into your new home design. Remember that it’s much better to include the features that you want during the design phase rather than when the home has already been constructed. This is because your architects, engineers and construction team can still easily allot space for them. This way, you can start enjoying your dream features the moment you move into your new luxury home too.

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